Must have in your Wardrobe?

Oversized Blazer, Oversized Sweatshirt, your favorite Leggings adding

"Consciouslyoverthinking", Mom of two, Psychologist, Influencer / living in Cologne

Cannot live without: acai, chai, fresh flowers, Netflix
Fave Place on Earth: you know this Floriiiiiida

What advice do you wanna pass on to your children?

Follow your heart and trust your guts. Dream big and Go for it. BELIEVE and TRUST in you.
Enjoy being yourself !!!

Your Childhood dream?

doing something Creative: being a singer/ Actress

Something people may not know about you?

would love to get tattooed, but never did - i´m a big coward ;P

On top of your Bucket List ?

Travel each State in the US ...
Discovering Australia...
Spending a few month on a Ranch with lots of horses and cows like in the Movie the Horse Whisperer.